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Cover Letter

A cover is in actual fact a marketing tool that should be flawlessly written so as to effectively market you as the most appropriate candidate for the position you are applying for. Every time you apply for a position, you get a chance to make a good first impression to your prospective employer.

Many employers and recruiting agencies swiftly scrutinize through your cover letters and make an instant decision: either you meet the criteria for the position and meet the employer’s expectations or your cover letter is shredded.

Even though you may be the most competent and suitable candidate for the position applied for, if your cover letter is not good and well presented, it may not capture the interest of the possible employer. For this simple reason, your cover letter has to be 100% perfect so as to make a good first impression.

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An excellent cover letter should have the following features:

  • Standard Cover Letter Format
  • Opening – Charming and interesting
  • Concise – should not be longer than 1 page
  • Letter Body – that perfectly sells your skills and qualifications
  • Conclusion- with positive power words