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LinkedIn Profile

Why do you need a LinkedIn ® profile?

LinkedIn® represents an important change in the way that social networking impacts and transforms the lives and careers of professionals. This is because it is intended for networking career-minded professionals. With over 200 million registered users today, LinkedIn® is an influential tool for establishing your online presence and improving your professional network. Due to the fact that LinkedIn® is based on the internet, it has a global outreach to almost all countries. This means that if you have a good linked in profile, you can actually extend your network.

Your profile should have your skill set, which makes it possible for headhunters to accurately target you as the right candidates. If you are applying for jobs, it is important to note that internal HR officers are more and more using LinkedIn® as a screening tool to settle on the most suitable candidates for interviews or even for second interviews. LinkedIn® has become an unrivaled virtual network for local and global talent.

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Social networking has emerged as a very important part of all of our lives. Whether you have an account or are active on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, you are definitely aware about the social networks and know how large their influence has turned out to be. Nevertheless, there is a new trend for professionals to miscalculate the need of having a networking presence. Nowadays, some employers check your LinkedIn® profile before they invite you or short list you for a position. This means that if you have a good LinkedIn® profile, it can actually boost your chances of getting employed.

In addition, LinkedIn® brings together professionals from various fields meaning you can network with various professionals who may ultimately help you grow in your career.

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