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Cheapest Marketing Business Plan and Research Reports

A marketing plan may be described as an all-inclusive plan that summarizes an organization’s complete marketing efforts. An effective marketing strategy can only be realized through a good marketing mix. Generally, marketing plans serve two main functions: strategy and tactics. In many organizations, “strategic planning” is a well thought-out annual process that generally covers the year ahead. Nevertheless, some organizations are now looking using it as a practical plan which covers the years ahead.

A marketing plan is a concrete marketing strategy that is perfectly planned and well-written. Even though a marketing plan presents a list of actions and plans, a marketing plan without a sound deliberate foundation is of little use. If you are looking for the best business plan writing service, you are in the right place.

Marketing plans are commonly developed for products, brands, and or customer groups. A marketing plan is the most important product of the marketing process.

The fundamental elements of a marketing plan include:-

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Current Marketing Situation
  • Opportunity and Issue Analysis/SWOT
  • Objective
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Action Programs
  • Financial Projections/Budget
  • Implementation & Controls & Contingency Plans

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